Call for Nominations

ESWRA is seeking nominations for two Annual Awards for Outstanding Publications:

  1. The ESWRA Award for an Outstanding Publication in European Social Work Research.
  2. The ESWRA Award for an Outstanding Publication in European Social Work Research
    Based on a Doctoral Thesis/Dissertation.

The second award is open to all who were doctoral students at the time of the research nominated for the award.


The winners will receive:

  • 500 Euro
  • The registration fee for the ECSWR 2024 Vilnius | ENVISIONING FUTURE: Social work research and discourse in the age of industry. For more information go to the ECSWR 2024 website here
  • A certificate of award presented at ECSWR 2024 Vilnius

Eligibility criteria for the awards

The awards are made for social work research papers published for the first time either in an Advance Access format or in hard copy during the period 1st January to 31st December 2023

Nominations for general awards must be for scientific articles published in a social work journal; nominations for the doctoral award must be for articles based on the candidate’s PhD research.

For the doctoral award, the degree must have been awarded no earlier than January 1st, 2018 (‘awarded’ means when the University formally wrote to confirm acceptance of the PhD thesis rather than the graduation ceremony).

Nominations must demonstrate a significant contribution to research against the following criteria:

  • Overall research quality, including appropriate rigour, transparency and validity.

AND at least one of the following:

  • Explores a demonstrably new area of research
  • Demonstrates methodological innovation
  • Makes a significant conceptual or theoretical contribution to its field
  • Has a (potential) impact for policy-makers, practitioners and other research users

The awards will go to individuals whose research and publication are deemed to have made the most significant contribution to research in social work of those put forward for consideration.

In the case of articles with more than one author, the certificate of award will be given to all authors (the group of authors must decide among themselves how to share the conference fee and the 500 € prize).

Nomination process

Nominations for the awards should be made no later than January 31st, 2024.

A nomination for the award should include:

  1. A completed nomination form which is available below or can be requested at (self-nominations are welcome for the general award).
  2. A proposal statement of not more than 1,000 words in support of the nomination. The statement must include the reasons for which the article is a candidate for the ESWRA award, not for instance the biography of the author or the abstract of the article. In the case of the doctoral research award, the statement could be provided by either a supervisor or external examiner.
  3. A copy of the publication in English or a link/citation to where the publication can be accessed in English.

You can nominate for the general award HERE.

You can nominate for the award based on a doctoral thesis HERE.

Or contact to be sent the nomination form.

Self-nominations are welcome

The judging panel will be appointed by the ESWRA Board. The awards will normally be announced and presented during the ESWRA Annual Conference.For further information or enquiries, please contact