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Event: Innovation in Practice learning and field education 
Place: Oxford-St John's College, UK
Date: 10-11 September 2018
Event Language(s): English
Website: Innovation in Practice learning and field education 

Event: 16th Annual Plenum - Social Work and Solidarity: In Search of New Paradigms
Place: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date: August 20th - 22nd, 2018
Event Language(s): English

Event: ERIS International Conference: Social Justice and Diversity – Models in Social Work Research, Practice and Education
Place: University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, Dornbirn, Austria
Date: 8th-10th October 2018
Event Language(s): English
Website: ERIS International Conference

Event: XI Conferenza Espanet 2018
Place: Firenze, Italy
Date: 13-15 September 2018
Event Language(s): English
Website: XI Conferenza Espanet 2018

Event: National Child Protection Social Work Conference
Place: Cork, Ireland
Date: 24-25th October 2019
Event Language(s): English

Save the date - Training School Brussels




EU - Cost Action CA15218 'Measuring Homelessness in Europe'


Training School on 'City Counts'

September 25th – 27th, 2018 in Brussels

September 24th optional field trips



There is a growing knowledge base concerning measuring homelessness at local and national level.  This training school focuses on the different methodical approaches to measure homelessness at city level. It helps actors in this field to decide why and how to undertake a count on homelessness in their city. This training school has a strong scientific and societal orientation: practical and methodological expertise will be shared between the organisers and the participants.


Discussing fundamental questions about measuring: how to identify homeless people, how to collect data on the different forms of homelessness: e.g. rough sleepers, sofa surfers and users of night shelters or hostels, how to aggregate the results?

Sharing knowledge concerning the practical organisation of a count: developing a questionnaire, creation of maps, preventing double counts; communication with the stakeholders.

Examples and lessons learnt from city counts in Budapest, Brussels, Bratislava and Basel.

Target groups

Academic researchers, city administration, representatives of NGOs, national and local policy makers, students (master/PhD)


All speakers have experiences in city counts and are members of the EU-Cost network 'Measuring Homelessness in Europe'


la Strada - La Strada, Support center for the homeless sector in the Brussels Region,  Verenigingstraat 15, Rue de l'Association Brussel, 1000 Brussels

Local Organiser

Nicole Mondelaers 

Supporting Organisations and speakers

?        Dr Darina Ondrusova, Gabor Csomor
Institute for Labour and Family Research, Bratislava

?        Nóra Teller, Zoltán Gurály
Metropolitan Research Institute / Shelter Foundation, Budapest

?        Prof Jörg Dittmann, Prof Matthias Drilling
Institute of Social Planning, Organizational Change and Urban Development, School of Social Work, Basel

?        Prof. dr. Koen Hermans, Chair of the Cost Action

Centre for sociological research and LUCAS, KU Leuven

Max. number of participants







EU - Cost Action CA15218 'Measuring Homelessness in Europe'


Training School on 'City Counts'

September 25th – 27th, 2018 in Brussels

September 24th optional field trips



Travel and accommodation costs for participants will be covered by EU-COST according to reimbursement regulations



Due to the limited places, we encourage you to send a short motivation letter (max. 1000 characters) to the local organizer by email. In the selection process, representation of applicants from different countries will be considered and priority will be given to applicants with experience in homelessness counts and surveys, homelessness research, and homeless service delivery and policy.

Full program and application form

available after May 7th 2018


Deadline for motivation letter

June 15th 2018

Deadline for formal application

June 15th 2018