European Network on Gerontological Social Work

The current status of academic activity related to gerontological social work highlights: 

• There are fewer social work academics with an active interest in older people; 
• Research focusing on ageing exists – but gerontological social work research, or the social work contribution to inter disciplinary gerontological research - is often not very visible; 
• Improved structures for gerontological social work research are needed; 
• Disseminating research and involving practitioners in research and research into practice is an ongoing area of need; 
• Celebrating and recognizing the importance of social work with older people is an area of development. 

Taking these areas of development together, the overarching aim of the SIG for Gerontological Social Work (GSW) is to bring together social work academics, researchers, practitioners, students and policy makers with an interest in GSW. The SIG will provide a positive forum to create networks, taking forward knowledge production and knowledge transfer in the area of SIG. It also creates a platform for sharing experiences and strengthening the position of GSW in Europe.

Themes or Priorities areas identified and Working Groups established:

  1. Visibility Group/Technology
  2. Education
  3. Publishing
  4. Research



Professor Marjaana Seppänen, Faculty of Social Sciences,University of Helsinki, Finland

Professor Janet Anand,Department of Social Sciences, University of East  Finland 

Dr Sarah Donnelly, School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, University College Dublin.



Our SIG will be holding a full day pre-conference event on 10th April 2019 for ESWRA, Leuven, Belgium. See pre-conference information on ESWRA website for further details.

Gerontological Social Work SIG Pre-Conference Prtogramme ESWRA 2019

Newsletter piece for ENGSW_Jan 2019

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