Mental Health Special Interest Group

The SIG is launched!

The SIG met for its inaugural business meeting at the ECSWR Conference in Leuven, Belgium. We believe that SIG has a lot of potential and we discussed some of the ways to realise that potential in the meeting. The plan we discussed is to:

  1. Organise pre-conference sessions for #ECSWR2020 in Bucharest Romania on 22nd April 2020.
  2. Organise a symposium for #ECSWR2020 Bucharest Romania Conference.
  3. Set up an online collaboration and email infrastructure for the SIG.
  4. Gather information from across the jurisdictions in Europe as to mental health social workers work interfaces with local mental health services.
  5. Contribute to the twice yearly ESWRA newsletter, and circulate the copy dates.
  6. Write mental health Blogs / and record Vlogs.
  7. Maintain our ESWRA webpage
  8. Encourage further membership.

Longer-term aims include:

  1. Writing a special issue within a journal
  2. European focused MH book

Sarah and I as co-chairs for this year look forward to working you and realising the plans above. For more information please email &