Although there is a long-term and currently rising interest in Social Pedagogy throughout Europe, Social Pedagogy is mainly discussed on a practical and methodical level in many European countries. The SIG wants to provide an academic forum that enables a fruitful discussion about the relevance and importance of Social Pedagogy for the development of Social Work theory, methodology, and practice across Europe. 
The aim of the SIG is therefore to promote a research-oriented exchange and strengthen networks between researchers in a diversity of European countries in order to acquire knowledge on the historical and paradigmatic roots of Social Pedagogy and Social Work. Research will especially gather around the idea of how both Social Work and Social Pedagogy can contribute to shaping the “social”. As such, the SIG has cross-national relevance and seeks to explore differences and commonalities between different understandings of Social Pedagogy across Europe and what this means for Social Work. The SIG enables collaborative work between the involved researchers
So far a core group of around 15 scientists has been meeting for two workshops to discuss the above questions so far (2017 in Halle/Germany and 2018 in Dundee/UK). From 2019 on the SIG is going to convene meetings annually at the European Conference of Social Work Research
Florian Eßer (Social Pedagogy/Social Work), University of Hildesheim/Germany
Griet Roets (Social Work), Ghent University/Belgium