Watch presentations from the 8th European Conference on Social Work Research, Edinburgh 2018.

As part of ESWRA’s commitment to disseminating social work research, the Resources Group has been working with ESWRA members to make their conference presentations available. These will be valuable resources for those who would like to return to material, or for members who could not attend the presentation (or the conference). The first presentations are from at the 8th European Conference on Social Work Research in Edinburgh and are listed below, with links to their locations on Youtube. 

If you have presented at one of the ESWRA conferences and would like to make yours available to reach a wider audience, you can contact the Resources Group at address.

Effects of caseload reduction on case costs and redemption rate in s ocial assistance a shift of paradigm

by Miryam Eser Davolio, Milena Gehrig


Living in limbo: the reality of Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URMs) in Greece

by Marina Rota

Big data and social work: the potential for innovative research on risk factor

by Elizabeth Coulthard

Service user violence against social workers in Italy: prevalence and characteristics of the phenomenon

by Alessandro Sicora

Social Work Research and its Relevance to Practice: ‘The Gap between Research and Practice Continues to be Wide'

by Barbra Teater

The Naked Truth – Service user participation as radical knowledge production in a public organisation

by Erik Eriksson

The politics of social work: exploring emotional interest representation

by Joanne Warmer