Evidence into Practice Special Interest Group (EiPSIG)

The Evidence into Practice Special Interest Group (EiPSIG) of the European Social Work Research Association was founded in April 2020. The following provisional statements were created through the development of the SIG Proposal (involving 22 founder members) and ratified at meetings held as part of the April 2021 ECSWR (held online due to pandemic lockdown restrictions, with three meetings to facilitate attendance across time zones). These statements are subject to review at the Annual Coordination Meeting held as part of each ECSWR.

The Aim of EiPSIG

The aim of the Evidence into Practice Special Interest Group is to research and support the effective use of knowledge to inform practice, management, policy, regulation and teaching in the social work profession and social care services for the ultimate benefit of clients, families, communities and societies.

The Purpose of EiPSIG is to provide a forum for members to:

  1. discuss the challenges and opportunities facing individuals and organisations in basing practice and service systems on best evidence;
  2. work together on researching and developing effective mechanisms for getting evidence into practice; and
  3. collaborate in fostering research, organisation development and teaching on reviewing, disseminating and using robust evidence to inform practice.

The Objectives of EiPSIG

In relation to identifying, appraising and synthesising knowledge and translating it into practice, teaching, service management, policy and regulation in social work:

  1. to develop research capacity and learning opportunities;
  2. to facilitate the development and application of research methods;
  3. to develop collaboration in research and theory development; and
  4. to facilitate collaboration in presentations, publications, and teaching materials.

The Annual Coordination Meeting of EiPSIG takes place at the annual European Conference on Social Work Research (ECSWR). EiPSIG has a web presence as part of the ESWRA website and has a dedicated email address to facilitate communications: Members of the group are encouraged to collaborate in joint presentations at ECSWRs, joint research grants and joint publications. EiPSIG runs a Pre-Conference Event at each ECSWR, and supports members in collaborating in putting on Symposia, Workshops, Oral Presentations and Posters.

Founder Convenors 

Anne McGlade, Social Care Research Lead, Health & Social Care Board for Northern Ireland

Brian Taylor, retired Professor of Social Work, Ulster University and former ESWRA Board Member

If you wish to join EiPSIG and be added to the mailing list please email Anne at