European Social Work Research Association Publication Series


ESWRA is delighted to announce the launch of new book series 'Research in Social Work' published together with Policy Press. The series will form a collection of the best research on social work in Europe.

Books published under the banner of the Research in Social Work series will examine current, progressive and innovative research applications of familiar ideas and models in social work research.

Promising to become a leading research collection for social work academics, researchers and practitioners, the Research in Social Work series will make a unique contribution to the academic and professional development of social work in Europe. 

You can find out more about the series and how to submit a proposal here at Policy Press


New publication

Killick C & Taylor BJ (2020) Assessment, Risk and Decision Making in Social Work: An Introduction. London: Sage. ISBN: 9781529702224

This book is designed for students on qualifying social work courses. It focuses on the essential social work skills of undertaking assessments and making decisions in a context of risk and uncertainty. The book outlines a framework for this challenging aspect of practice, and considers key dimensions such as involving clients, use of assessment tools and collaboration with other professionals and decision systems such as case conferences and courts. Particular attention is given to analysing knowledge within assessment and forming a professional judgement. It addresses generic legal and ethical issues for social workers involved in safeguarding and service eligibility decision making. A final chapter focuses on the development of professional skills in this increasingly important area of assessment, risk and decision making.

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There’s a growing pressure for social workers to engage with research and draw on this in practice. But why is this research important? This first book in the Research in Social Work series, published in association with the European Social Work Research Association, provides an accessible way to think about this question. Drawing on evidence from across Europe, Asia and the USA, it covers how research is conducted, used, and perceived. It is perfect for social work students, researchers and practitioners, providing a detailed sketch of how research finds a place in the wider social work picture and offering opportunities and exercises that highlight how social work research is relevant in day-to-day course programmes and practice. The book will embolden a kind of scepticism, while at the same time providing the ground work for social workers to become more thoughtfully practical – and practically thoughtful.




A rich and highly practical resource which opens the door to research for social work practitioners, and both intending and experienced researchers.” Roger Smith, Durham University


Each gem of a chapter brings together deep wisdom that recognizes the particularities of time, space, and place in the shaping of multiple social work practices.” Professor Barbara Levy Simon, Columbia University


The book will be launched at European Conference for Social Work Research on Wednesday 18th April, Edinburgh


Look out for news of the next books in the series:


Jobling, H. (2019) Power and control in social work: An ethnographic account of mental health practice
Devlieghere, J. (2019) Digital technologies and social work : Opportunities and illusions
Klammer, U., Leiber, S. and Leitner, S (2019) Social work and the making of social policy 
Nygren, L., Oltedal, S. and White, S. (2019) International social work with families : comparing contexts and complexities in Europe, Latin American and Australia