Researching Emotions Special Interest Group (REMOSIG)

Greetings to everyone attending ESWRA Conference!

Our Researching Emotions SIG started with a membership list of almost 40 international researchers/practitioners, and is still growing. We had our Inaugural Meeting online in January 2024 and our next online meeting is on 7th May 2024. If you are interested in researching emotions  and like the sound of our aims, do join us. Email or to join our membership list.



Our aim in the Researching Emotions Special Interest Group (REMOSIG) is to develop and extend research-based knowledge on the topic of emotions in social work. We aim to create a network of researchers, practitioners/managers and educators involved in researching diverse aspects of emotions and emotion practices in social work and social care. The primary purpose of the network is to strengthen knowledge, explore opportunities for collaborative research and publications with a view to increasing the profile and application of research on the topic of emotions in social work. The role and function of emotions in social work and social care are receiving growing attention from a diverse range of researchers, having been traditionally a more neglected topic within the discipline. This SIG will provide a platform for researchers from different regions, theoretical and methodological perspectives, and diverse standpoints. An important element of this will be to explore opportunities for collaborative activities and develop research which illuminates the experience of key stakeholders such as practitioners and people with lived experience of social work services. 


·         Initial objectives are to establish a network of committed SIG members and develop a communication strategy and targeted plan of activities.

·         To meet online a minimum of twice yearly.

·         To develop and deliver a structured SIG meeting at the annual ESWRA conference.

·         To explore strands of activities/research within the broad topic of emotions in social work.

·         To contribute to ESWRA via conference-based activities and website communications.


          Scope of SIG: e.g. field of interest; research focus; inclusivity strategies; likely development of the SIG.

REMOSIG is about getting Emotions on the social work research agenda!

We want to exchange ideas, knowledge and research which explore diverse aspects of emotions, the roles and functions of emotions in the practice(s) of social work, and in contemporary social work organisational mechanisms and contexts. We aim to be inclusive by developing a network which includes research-active practitioners/managers as well as academics, and by maintaining a focus on research and knowledge exchange which is committed to social justice and addressing inequalities. We aim to develop a broad representative network of SIG members from a range of countries and from diverse identities (gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality and disability).


       SIG Convenors

Convener:  Dr Louise O’Connor Royal Holloway University of London


Prof Maria Appel Nissen               Aalborg University

Dr Matthew Gibson                       University of Birmingham

Dr Mark Gregory`                           University of East Anglia


5List of the initial SIG members.

Dr Merete Monrad                      Aalborg University

Dr Mia Engen                              Aalborg University

Prof Kimberly Strom                   University of North Carolina

Dr Alessandro Sicora                  Università di Trento 

Dr Katerina Mikulcová                University of Ostrava

Dr Mark Gregory                        University of East Anglia

Dr Carlene Cornish                     University of East Anglia

Ms Sara Carder                           University of East Anglia

Dr Laura Biggert                         University of East Anglia

Dr Laura Cook                            University of East Anglia

Prof Jo Finch                              University of Suffolk

Dr Kim Detjen                            Independent Social Worker/Tavistock & Portman Clinic

Dr Martin Kettle                         Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr Nicola O’Sullivan                   Tavistock and Portman Institute & Trinity College Dublin

Dr Jenny Lloyd                           Durham University

Dr Rachael Owens                     Durham University