Research on Social Work Education

We the undersigned would like to request from ESWRA to institute aspecial interest group on the topic of research on social work education. This sig would give members an opportunity to connect, collaborate and develop the research capacity and knowledge base in all aspects of social work education. The idea of this sig came about as a result of attending the 2015 ESWRA conference and recognising that there were a number of papers focusing on discrete issues such as supervision, practice/ practicum/field learning, building learning relationships, teaching reflection and other specific pedagogical issues around social work education.
By having access to a digital forum and a presence at future conferences we envisage that outside of our organisational demands and agendas, that we as individual researchers and lecturers will be able to continue conversations begun at the conference. It is hoped that this will further develop our thinking and research by creating an inclusive community of practice for all involved.

Kirsteen Laidlaw, University of Cumbria
Jo Finch, University of East London