Conveners: Sarah Banks, Ana M. Sobočan (both members of ESWRA)

Description and aims

The SWERG (Social Work Ethics Research Group) is dedicated to researching ethics in social work practice, involving aspects such as ethics and professional identity, ethical decision-making, the role of virtue ethics, professional wisdom, ethical dilemmas, ethics education etc. The aims of SWERG are to explore these perspectives in international contexts, with their specific education traditions and social policy frameworks. The validity and relevance of such research rests also on including cross-national and cross-institutional perspectives – and these can be reached through collaboration of researchers across countries. The SWERG group members believe that establishing an ESWRA SIG facilitates an establishment of a pan-European (and wider) network of researchers interested in social work ethics.

The aims of the SWERG SIG in the short term are to develop a strong SIG membership base to initiate exchanges of research interests, projects, methods and results in the field of ethics in social work. Steadily we hope to establish a wider network of researchers and generate joint research endeavors, among other activities (such as small conferences, seminars, joint publications etc.). We’ve organized a few workshops and symposia at ECSWRs already, and in 2020 we are organizing a pre-conference event for the first time.

Upcoming event

At the ECSWR 2020 in Bucharest, Romania, we are organizing a pre-conference event (afternoon): RESEARCHING ETHICS IN SOCIAL WORK.

A warm welcome to everyone interested in the topic as well as those who would like to join the SWERG SIG.

Initial members – founders of the SWERG SIG:

  1. prof. Sarah Banks (United Kingdom)
  2. prof. Teresa Bertotti (Italy)
  3. dr. Ed de Jonge (Netherlands)
  4. dr. Mariël Kanne (Netherlands)
  5. dr. Sabrina Keinemans (Netherlands)
  6. dr. Ana M. Sobočan (Slovenia)
  7. prof. Kim Strom Gottfried (United States)
  8. prof. Merlinda Weinberg (Canada)