Doctoral and Early Career Researchers

Brief background to the area of Special Interest:

The Doctoral and Early Career Researchers’ Special Interest Group exists to support the development of networks of support not only for students at various stages of their PhD but also early career social work researchers. The network offers opportunities to discuss methodologies, funding, supervision, research topics and peer support.


We are keen to develop ideas about ongoing mutual support for doctoral students and early career researchers across the whole of Europe. A main goal of the SIG is also to assist doctoral students and early career researchers in developing their academic and research career and by doing this, we are committed to developing and sustaining the capacity and sustainability of social work research across Europe

Activities (past, planned):

The SIG convenes meetings annually at the European Conference of Social Work Research. The meetings offer the opportunity to meet, share experiences of the doctoral experience, discuss funding and employment opportunities. Following the Conference in Ljubljana 2015, a shared need was raised among the SIG members to organise a pre-conference event at the Conference in Lisbon 2016. This was organised and it involved presentations of academics on crucial issues related to the doctoral studies and research career development as well as a 3 Minute Thesis Competition, where students presented their PhD at a panel of academics. This event was a very successful beginning into making the above goals concrete. We plan to continue inviting experienced researchers and academics to present to members on skills and strategies that are pivotal in completing the PhD journey as well as planning for members’ future academic and research career. The Doctoral and Early Career Researchers’ SIG already has an active Facebook page titled ‘ESWRA Doctoral and Early Career Researchers’. Members are already using this to keep in touch between conferences, access information related to PhD writing, researching and publishing as well as events and conferences of interest. The annual meeting at the conference allows us to review the goals of the group, develop our ideas further and strengthen our networks.


Gorana Panic, University of Jyväskylä/KYC;
Håvard Aaslund, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

A message from Lars Uggerhøj, Professor of Social Work, Aalborg University

This is first announcement of the yearly doctoral summer school arranged through the Nordic Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work. This year the summer school takes place in Tallinn, Estonia and is arranged by University of Tallinn in collaboration with NTNU, Trondheim Norway. The summer school starts August 21st and ends August 24th and is open to doctoral students globally.

Through the 10 years these summer schools have existed we have received very good feedback from social work doctoral students, so I can recommend it for your doctoral students/doctoral colleagues. I hope that you will distribute the information about the summer school among doctoral students and colleagues.'


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